Excessive Body Hair

Some people are naturally more hairy than others. Having excessive body hair can be embarrassing and upsetting for both men and women. Excessive body hair can be present from birth or can appear later in life, usually during puberty or as a result of conditions like PCOS.

The cause of excessive hair could also be the result of a medical condition or as a side effect of medication. In these circumstances, full investigation will need to be carried out prior to any treatment.

Removing body hair can be difficult, painful, inconvenient and temporary. The traditional methods for hair removal are shaving, waxing, sugaring, plucking, threading and, more recently, electrolysis. These methods can lead to irritable skin, quick and thicker regrowth (shaving) and ingrown hairs and none of these are permanent long lasting solutions.

Miravue offers the latest Laser Hair Removal treatment, administered by leading dermatology experts, which is virtually painless and have long lasting effects.