Are you suffering with acne and looking for a treatment programme that is designed just for you and can combat all of the factors that lead to your breakouts? Our Advanced CE ACNE THERAPY could be the perfect solution for you.

At COSMOEDGE, our Advanced CE ACNE THERAPY is an intensive treatment scientifically formulated to improve skin clarity and reduce acne blemishes, whilst soothing redness and inflammation. By changing the skin’s environment, this treatment programme targets the four key contributing factors that lead to the development of acne.

What does the treatment do?
Reduces oil production– prevents oily skin and helps prevent blackheads & whiteheads developing
Reduces skin thickening– normalises skin cell production, preventing the backlog of dead skin cells that lead to the development of blackheads & whiteheads
Controls and reduces acne bacteria– helps prevent inflammation that leads to breakout
Calms and soothes inflammation– reduces acne scarring risk and unsightly inflamed spots

The Benefits of the CE ACNE THERAPY-
• Reduces excess sebum that leads to a greasy, oily skin
• Removes blackheads and whiteheads, dead skin and other impurities
• Diminishes existing acne
• Helps prevent new break out
• Helps improve skin’s texture

What does the treatment involve?
The Advanced CE ACNE THERAPY begins with a thorough skin consultation, concentrating on helping you understand what is contributing to your acne so it can be treated accordingly. Emphasis is placed on both dietary and skin care advice to help you reach your goal of a clearer complexion. Your treatment is then designed specifically for your acne symptoms and skin concerns. The severity of your acne, the amount of inflammation present and the strength of your skin’s barrier function determine the approach that is taken when designing your treatment.
A combination of the latest advanced superficial skin peels and cosmeceutical products is considered. These advanced techniques smooth the skin’s texture, promote healthy cell renewal, remove impurities and excess oil and help calm inflammation to facilitate healing.